Promote your brands to your specific, desired audience internationally. Achieve incredible results.

Performance Based Results:

Ad Today operates on all devices and platforms and through multi-media campaigns on CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI and CPM. That means you never pay for the results you don't get. It also means you'll get even more reach than you thought was possible.

Active Account Management

At Ad Today, we want you to embrace and achieve your biggest goals and desired outcomes. Our Account Managers help to make sure that happens. Your manager will provide you with the quality results and valuable leads you need through active optimization and correct targeting.

Precision Targeting

Stop wasting money and time on the wrong products. With our precision targeting, we take into consideration what will directly impact your profit margins on your campaign. This includes your geographical location, device OS and type, connection type, network providers, day partying, frequency capping and relevant traffic categorization.

Fraud Protection

We know you need the highest quality of protection when creating a web presence. Our dedicated anti-fraud team works hard to ensure you will remain protected. Our team is always looking for obscure activity giving us the ability to detect, prevent, and manage risks quickly.

Self-Serve User Dashboard

You need fast and efficient. Our self-serve dashboard makes that possible. It allows you to launch and manage your precisely targeted ad campaign easily. You can even track and analyze results using our reporting system.


Reach your audience across multiple verticals.

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